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Kids Originals Soft Hold Olive Oil Conditioning Smoothing & Styling Gel (426 g)

Say Goodbye to old fashioned, tacky gels that leave flaky residue on your daughter's hair & scalp. Finally there's a conditioning styling gel that contains NO Alcohol, which means there is no crunchy, stiff feel that causes hair to break. Fortified with extra virgin Olive Oil, it strengthens while giving superior hold and a healthy looking shine. Kids Originals Soft Hold Olive oil styling Gel also contains Natural Conditioning to add moisture and protein to hair, while your create beautiful, long lasting styles. Use it to hold ponytails and twists and to help create wet curls, candy curls, finger waves or any smooth-looking style. The anti-frizz formula lays hair down without weighing it down.

Kids Originals Smoothing & Styling Gel

  • Apply to wet or dry hair with fingers and comb through. Allow hair to air dry, or use a blow or hooded dryer. Great for wet look styles or for curls created by roller and rod setting.

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